apieceofbäk̚ was born from a desire to produce artful ready-to-wear garments that will be cherished and worn season after season, forgoing the wasteful nature of modern mass production. By producing clothing on a small batch/made-to-order basis, we are able to create higher quality pieces with a more personal touch, at the same time ensuring our environmental impact is minimized.

The seal script stamp is an identifier of apieceofbäk̚ garment. The characters represent the family name Park/박 in the ancient seal script. Although the original use of these stamps were to sign off on important documents, calligraphy and painting artists would also stamp their works to serve as identification of the creator.  



Due to the made to order nature of our clothing, we are unable to process returns of any kind at this time. Please review the sizing chart prior to purchase to ensure the correct fit.